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"Hi Maria, I got the flowers and they look great. The director, Roger Donaldson, really liked them." - Scott -for the movie  World's Fastest IndianMore..

Maria, Three boxes came today. I looked in one of them and the roses looked fine. Tomorrow I am working all day long on a "Hoedown" event for Saturday so I am very busy. I will mail your check tomorrow or Saturday, okay? Thanks again for rushing this order. Molly, OR

Received the flower's on Tuesday. I love them! -A.G.  Boston M.A.

Tzigane  CSA, 07/05/04:
 Just out visiting friends of friends and came across you site. Your work is wonderful. 

Lisa , 06/04/04:
 Hi Leslie
What beautiful work! 

Sherry , 06/01/04:
 Hi ! I was just surfing the network and saw your site! Beautiful flowers you do and they look so real!! My sister does floral arranging and I will have her look at your site. 

Sherry <><

Sara  -  05/24/04:
 You have beautiful flowers here.


Cindy , 05/20/04:
 Hi Maria!! I would love to work together. It would be a pleasure to forward those customers of mine looking for floral arrangements to your site. Thank you for your welcome and it is very nice to meet you!! Please pass my company name on to those customers of yours looking for party supplies. Wishing you much success!!!

Janet , 05/20/04:
 Hi Maria,

 You have some really beautiful flowers.


 Hi Maria,

 Your floral arrangements/creations are beautiful. Flowers really do add something to a home. I wish you much success.



 Hi Maria,

What beautiful work that you do- 

Aly, 05/10/04:
 Hi Maria,

 Your flowers are beautiful. They look so real:)


JoAnne   05/09/04:
 Hi Maria, what absolutely beautiful and intricate work. All the best to you.

Kathie, 05/08/04:
 HI Maria
You didn't get back to me about wholesale prices for your flowers, unless I missed it.

Angie , 05/08/04:
 Hi Maria,
I just came across your page and wanted to tell you how beautiful I think your floral arrangements are. Amazing work!


Kathy, 05/08/04:
 Hi Maria,
I may be able to help you. Stop by my page and let me know if you want to talk more.

Krystal  , 05/07/04:
 Hi Maria!
Very Lovely arrangements you make!!

Best of luck to you!!



Nicole , 05/07/04:
 Hi Maria,
Your floral arrangements are stunning. Keep up the good work! 

Dusty, 05/07/04:
 Hi Maria!! INow, I'm glad I clicked on your link. You are truely creative! Have you considered Ebay as an outlet for your beautiful flowers?  Good luck in your venture.

Teresa . ~, 05/05/04:
 Hiya Maria,

I love Your Flowers!

Robert , 05/05/04:
 Hi Maria:

Nice arrangements that you make.

Tammy , 05/05/04:
Your Flowers are lovely! I especially like the lillies! 
All the best,

Claudia 05/05/04:
 Hello Maria,
You make beautiful flowers. Have you considered to sell them on Ebay? I think it would be great.
Best Regards,

Robert , 05/04/04:
 Hi Maria,  Your flowers are great.
What a talent to create those out of paper none the less. Way to go!

Rachel , 05/04/04:
Your flowers are creative. Have you considered working them into fashion . purses, shoes etc. could make for great one of a kind clothing items.
keep up the good work

Melinda , 05/04/04:
 Hi Maria,
I love your flowers they are so beautiful. Good luck in your craft shows.

Lisa , 05/04/04:
 Maria: Wow...what beautiful work you do!! I love your flowers!! What a different and lovely talent!! So nice to meet you!! Hugs...Lisa Marie , 

Michelle , 05/03/04:
 Hello Maria-

I like your paper flowers. 

Danielle , 05/03/04:
 Wow those are beautiful flowers!!! Absolutely wonderful! Y

Jasper  05/02/04:
 Hi, nice flowers...

You're very talented

Best Wishes

South Africa

Suman , 04/30/04:
 Hi, nice flowers...

you are very talented. the carnations look very real! 


Malinda, 04/28/04:
Very talented with the paper flowers ! Very nice.

Krista , 04/28/04:
  Looking forward to getting to know you. Your flowers look beautiful! If I'm ever in need of your lovely items, I'll connect with you!


Alexis , 04/28/04:
 BEAUTIFUL flowers. gorgeous. i can't believe those are made of paper! wanted to check out your flowers and I am GLAD i did! come by and say hi! 


Linda , , 04/28/04:
 Beautiful Flowers..
Lufkin, Tx

Jen , 04/28/04:
 Hi Maria! Pretty flowers, what a fun hobby/business. 

Jen :)

Geir , 04/28/04:
 Hi Maria 

I have visit your page, and must say that you have a great gift! Your flowers are beautiful!

Best wishes

Darlene , 04/27/04:
 Hi Maria
 Your flowers are gorgeous. They look so real. I love the bottom carnation. Its very pretty.
I wish you tons of success

Amy , 04/27/04:
 Hello there, Maria! Your flowers are incredible! I've dabbled around with making tissue flowers and really enjoyed it (never got very good at it though <grin>) 

Angela , 04/27/04:
 Hi Maria!
The flowers in the pictures...are they paper? They're beautiful!





st jude's paper flower creations

St Jude's Floral Creations - A place where you get custom made handmade flowers!

Assorted Carnations


Red Rose Buds


Shaded Rosebuds

paper flowers made for the movie The World's Fastest Indian starring Anthony Hopkins! "The World's Fastest Indian" (Magnolia Films): Acquired before its world premiere this weekend at the Toronto Film Festival,
Roger Donaldson's drama starring Anthony Hopkins will open in Los Angeles on December 9,2005 for
an Oscar qualifying run before opening in the top twenty markets on January 27th,2006.
Watch clip

The flower are carried by a lady in red selling paper flowers and she gives one to Anthony Hopkins to pin onto his lapel. Anthony Hopkins then goes onto to offer it to the receptionist at the motel (not seen in clip)

Paper roses and carnations in an assortment of colors  for the movie The World's Fastest Indian- (Salt Lake City Utah)

"Hi Maria, I got the flowers and they look great. The director, Roger Donaldson, really liked them." - Scott