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Received the flower's on Tuesday. I love them! -A.G.  Boston M.A.More..

St Jude's Floral Creations - A place where you get custom made handmade unique paper flower  bouquet !





A bride's paper flower bouquet/toss bouquet that will keep your wedding memories alive for generations to come made from handmade paper flowers 150$ - 350$

A bride's bouquet from handmade crepe paper roses,lillies and hydrangeas. Tissue paper bouquet are in stlye now and has been seen in many magazines including Martha Stewart Wedding.

For orders email at : -  with number of flowers required, type, color and the date by which you would like them. pad


Maria Jude Noble of St. Jude Creations Interview

by Amber Dusick

How did you learn to make paper flowers & how long have you been doing it?
Making artificial flowers has been a passion for me for many years. It started with my mother and her sister who used to run a floral business many years ago. They learnt the method of making beautiful flowers from fabric,paper and other materials and from then on this trade was picked up by us from a very young age. It started as a hobby and on finding that people love the flowers, I turned it into a website where customers could pick and choose the colors and varieties.

wedding paper flower magnolia

Photo provided by St Jude's Creations

What are some benefits of using paper flowers for a wedding?
The are many benefits, one being they are different and unique. They can be ordered in your custom color, and of course they last longer than fresh ones, so they can be preserved to keep the memory of your wedding day alive forever. They can be put together well ahead of the function and so there is no worry of it wilting at the time of the wedding, or worrying if it will open it's closed blooms for the wedding. It's ideal for destination weddings, as you can pack and take it with you.

Other than bouquets and centerpieces, do you have any other ideas for paper flower uses in a wedding?
Other than bouquets and centerpieces, they can be used as corsages, headdress, chair back ties, favor ties, swags. "Paper" is for first anniversary, so these are good for a first anniversary present. The flowers are great for parties and other functions for adding a splash of color.

How do decide on prices for your flowers and can you give a few examples?
Since the flowers are handmade and custom made to customer choice the price of the flowers involves the time involved in making that particular flower and of course the type of material that's used to make it. A large order of $100 and more would however get discounts. Prices ranges from .50/flower to $20.99/dozen depending on the flower of choice.

How do you work with customers to make sure the color is correct?
How I usually proceed with the order is either :

  • The customer picks a color already displayed on the website or the blog site.
  • If the particular color is not shown on the site, and it is a color I have already available with me I make a sample and sent the customer a picture of the finished product in the color of choice.
  • The other option is upon request from the customer for $15 a sample will be mailed to the customer. The sample will contain 2 flowers of choice and the extra amount if any will be offset once they place the order with us.

What kind of paper are your flowers made of?
Paper flowers are made with a variety of papers from crepe to exotic imported paper.

paper flowers pink

Photo provided by St Jude's Creations

How long do they last?
The will definitely last as long as you want them to, depending on the care you give them. Place them in a vase and they will look wonderful for ages.



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