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 "Hi Maria, I got the paper roses and they look great. The director, Roger Donaldson, really liked them." - Scott -for the Oscar nominated movie  World's Fastest IndianMore..


Maria, Three boxes came today. I looked in one of them and the roses looked fine. Tomorrow I am working all day long on a "Hoedown" event for Saturday so I am very busy. I will mail your check tomorrow or Saturday, okay? Thanks again for rushing this order. Molly, OR









St Jude's Floral Creations

A place where you get custom made handmade paper flowers!



The flowers are handmade, hand dyed and made with ultimate care. There are also arrangements from silk , wood , crepe paper & tissue paper flowers. The flowers I make are paper roses, many types of paper flowers for wedding like roses , lilies , carnations. The flowers  are made from imported paper, crepe paper, satin. Shades can be specified to suit your room/theme. Do browse through the site and take a look at my creations!


You can mix these flowers with fresh flowers too, it helps to:- 

  • Brings down the cost as the prices are kept low.

  • These can be kept as souvenirs of your important functions as they last long.( They can be used as a cheap wedding favor )

  • If you have a color theme to your wedding or function, and you are not able to get the color flowers that you need, you could ask me to make them in the color you need.

  • For orders email at : stjudescreations@yahoo.com -  with number of flowers required, type, color and the date by which you would like them.

  • Since the flowers are hand died some slight changes in color may occur. 

  • Shipping and handling must be paid by customer

 Email: stjudescreations@yahoo.com


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